Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Return of the Come Back II

A wonderful little Lilly baby and some monthes of craziness later , I get back to drawing... Yepeeee! There is a new internal art blog at work, with each week a new topic, and seeing the awesome art of my fellow colleagues has motivated me doing some stuff as well! So here we go:

Yesterday's one: 8bit Retrograde: Gears of War

Here's the orignal drawing without 8 bit FX. I still would like to work on the eyes a bit more.

Wed. 13th June: Movie poster mashup: William Shakespeare with Zombies

Wed. 6th June: Starbarian III

Wed. 30th of May: I’ve got a bad feeling about this...

As I don't have much time to work at home with my new full time daddy job, I mainly work on that at work during lunchtime...

There are also some nice life drawing classes organized by the company after hours every fortnight. The last time I had this was 10 years ago at Uni... I'll post some drawings soon.